• Jeremy Powell

    Jeremy Powell is an illustrator and artist based in Vancouver, Canada known for his unique style combining 2D drawings with digital elements. While primarily drawing people and vehicles, Powell aims to bring his artworks to life through added depth and realism.

    Jeremy Powell
  • Davey Perkins

    Davey Perkins is an illustrator who works independently and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He specializes in designing characters, robots, and other science fiction concepts. In addition, Davey creates atmospheric illustrations and takes on a variety of other art projects.

    Davey Perkins
  • Warakami Vaporwave

    Warakami Vaporwave is an independent illustrator who works in vaporwave, pop art, retrowave, anime and 80s/90s aesthetics.

    Warakami Vaporwave
  • Aimee Cozza

    Aimee Cozza is a 2012 New England College (formerly New Hampshire Institute of Art) graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. She works digitally, traditionally, and within a mix of the two across a variety of physical mediums, but never with the help of AI. Along with illustration, Aimee works in the…

    Aimee Cozza