• Jeison Barba

    Location: ColombiaPortfolio: Instagram Jeison Barba is an art director based in Medellin, Colombia, Jeison Barba worked for several years as a designer, animator and art director. Jeison Barba designs 3D art, night live city scenes and his work is colorful and vibrant.

    Jeison Barba

    I consider myself as much a designer as a craftsman. I care for the human touch given by detailed manual work, based on quality materials, and creativity. As a designer, I question the essence, standards, and traits of everything I do. This mindset has led me to come up with disruptive concepts that never compromise…

  • Aishy – Photographer

    Aishy is a multi-faceted Artist, Photographer, Director and Creative Director working freelance since 2020 after 8 years working in creative teams. AIshy captures its environment with precision and creativity in its work of colors and atmospheres of lights, in the great urban metropolis at night as well as in deep nature, it spreads its universe…

    Aishy – Photographer
  • Denise Rashidi

    Growing up, she has always been surrounded by different cultures due to her mixed heritage and constant travels between families. It wasn’t until her first trip to Japan where she discovered her love for architectural designs, nature and nostalgic pastel colours, which eventually led her to take her travel experiences and translate them into her…

    Denise Rashidi