• Jeremy Powell

    Jeremy Powell is an illustrator and artist based in Vancouver, Canada known for his unique style combining 2D drawings with digital elements. While primarily drawing people and vehicles, Powell aims to bring his artworks to life through added depth and realism.

    Jeremy Powell
  • Davey Perkins

    Davey Perkins is an illustrator who works independently and lives in Hamburg, Germany. He specializes in designing characters, robots, and other science fiction concepts. In addition, Davey creates atmospheric illustrations and takes on a variety of other art projects.

    Davey Perkins
  • Giuliano Mozzillo

    Giuliano Mozzillo is a designer from Italy who primarily work as UX designer and a front-end developer. Giuliano Mozzillo has 4+ years experience working in branding and digital products ecosystems. He has deep interest in design systems and end-to-end product experience, and he’s currently focusing on the intersection between design and technology: He has always…

    Giuliano Mozzillo