• Giuliano Mozzillo

    Giuliano Mozzillo is a designer from Italy who primarily work as UX designer and a front-end developer. Giuliano Mozzillo has 4+ years experience working in branding and digital products ecosystems. He has deep interest in design systems and end-to-end product experience, and he’s currently focusing on the intersection between design and technology: He has always…

    Giuliano Mozzillo
  • Aimee Cozza

    Aimee Cozza is a 2012 New England College (formerly New Hampshire Institute of Art) graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. She works digitally, traditionally, and within a mix of the two across a variety of physical mediums, but never with the help of AI. Along with illustration, Aimee works in the…

    Aimee Cozza